11 Best WordPress Migration Plugins (Tested in 2021)

Every one of us knows that migrating from one place to other is a very difficult task as it needs so much effort, energy, and money of course! But what about migrating websites online? Have you heard of this? By using some of the Best Migration Plugins, you can easily move a website just by click on selective buttons. The best thing is you can migrate your site manually too, which is something you won’t get except on WordPress. There are so many best WordPress migration plugins available on the internet which is trending especially for professionals, so let’s have a look at some best of them. 

All in One WP Migration

All in one WordPress Migration Plugins is another significant plugin by WordPress which does something well that other plugins are not able to perform. This plugin is great specially in importing the file. This option is quite a tough task for other plugins. The plugin easily settles the size of the files is transferred, sometimes people think that it has a chip attached but it’s not like that because the plugin is a trusted one and works with faith and a step-by-step process. All in one WordPress migration plugin is an absolute affordable plugin as it cost only dollar 59. This package offers great features like Google cloud, storage, dropbox, etc.


When it comes to one of the best WordPress Migration Plugins then, definitely duplicator is the name which hears in every ear. It is one of the most popular migration plugins present on the web today! The best thing about this plugin is that it offers all backups and all-in-one solutions. 

The process of migrating a WordPress site is very simple, easy, and fast too! Also, the free version of this plugin is great but the premium version is excellent which only costs dollar 49 per year and that’s an amazing deal you are getting from an amazing WordPress migration plugin. Get Duplicator Pro at just $5.99

Updraft Plus

It is the. The most simple and free plugin offered by WordPress has all the ability to automatically back up your WordPress files. The plugin can easily work with your storage service such as dropbox, google Drive. Like all other plugins, this plugin also sends a backup mail always so that the information can never get lost. The updraft plus migration plugin is a free one but also has a premium one whose plans start from dollar 69 and expand up to dollar 200 per year. Get Updraft Plus at just $4.


 Backup Buddy is one of the trusted and old WordPress migration plugins which people are using for years and years. I can proudly say that this is my favorite plugin too. It is an excellent plugin as offers back up for your WordPress site. It works systemically and schedules back up which makes it easier to use. Not only for backup but this migration plugin also has various excellent features like FTP included and Rack space cloud too. The only disadvantage is that the backup plugin is not available for the free version and it costs nearly dollar 80 to dollar 200 and I think the amount is acceptable as compared to its features and versatility. Get BackupBuddy for $7 at pluginpro. 

Migrate Guru

 The plugin was genuinely made for correcting the defects WordPress migration Plugins. But now it is being ranked in the top 10 WordPress migration plugins. It will help you to transfer your site just by processing your site’s data on its server. This process can also reduce the risk of data loss. The best thing about this plugin is that it is available for free of cost and doesn’t even charge a dollar one! All its functions can be used widely and trusted without paying any additional amount too. Also, it helps your migration status to be developed via mail which is a great idea. 

WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB is a WordPress migration plugin that has a different approach to transfer your website relative to another useful plugin. It works like instead of transferring your files, the plugin automatically transfers the database of SQL files easily. This plugin helps to do the replacement of your site’s URL which also helps to allow you to get relief from unwanted data. The plugin is available for both free and premium versions and the premium version costs nearly something about dollar 90 which is quite costlier but according to this plugin, it’s great. 

Migrate DB Pro

 Migrate DB Pro is a wonderful WordPress migration plugin. It has all the top featured quality, it is generally made for transferring of one site to another without putting more effort. The plugin is the best in transferring all types of media, files, and everything easily just by step by step method. Migrate DB Pro is no doubt a powerful and fast WordPress migration plugin that never unsatisfied its customer policy and use for sure. Not only is this but the best thing about Migrate DB pro plugin that they are the best one for beginners.


Vault press is another important WordPress Migration Plugins which costs you nearly about dollar 3.5 per month and is not available for the free version. The plugins reviews were not good in the year 2020 but have proven everyone wrong and once again it is a plugin that has all the features and quality to stand in the top 11 best WordPress migration plugin. A sort of additional backup security system is also offered which means that this plugin works hard for customer safety and satisfaction. It protects you from scams and attacks and offers you great safety and privacy. 

Backup Guard

The backup guard is said to be one of the fines and complete WordPress backup plugins. They offer the easiest process for restoring, migration, and backup needs, the plugin is a great and reliable one according to its image and features in the online market. It restores sites with great speed and imports backup, download backups, and does everything which all other plugins can’t do. It also has automatically set up schedules according to the needs for the website and your URL for sure. 


Jetpack is an awesome and super amazing WordPress plugin that comes with all the features needed to become the best WordPress migration plugin. It was first engaged with a part of Vault press but being separated as its product. It offers all the easiest way to backup the important information and restores it on a new site or location elegantly. It also has all the site security features which every time makes your power back up more safe and secure for sure. The pricing of this plugin starts from dollar 39 per year. 

Super Backup and Clone

If you want to use the Best WordPress Migration Plugins with an automatic backup service then the super backup and clone migration plugin is a perfect plugin for you. It transfers your site easily just by copying your site’s URL. The plugin is a great one and its costs are affordable too, it cost you dollar 35 for a basic plan, and with additional features and everything included for more than a year is dollar 190.

Best Free Hosting Migrations

People get confused many times when they have to choose one of the best and reliable WordPress migration plugins for hosting migration. Some top brand hosting provider like Bluehost, Site ground, and Go, daddy has all the dedicated hosting experience which one needs. 

Their well-qualified trained hosting professional’s team is the great one which has all the basic and necessary abilities to offer the best hosting services to their customer and users. Their entire prices are different, so let’s have a look at some of the best hosting providers now.


Hostinger again a significant famous hosting provider. It is also the cheapest hosting provider which offers great value service which other normal hosting providers fail to do so. They have more than 100 million users in the current date and have so many offices in different countries. The best thing I like about this hosting provider is that they never fail to provide what they promise. 


Bluehost is one of the oldest and famous hosting providers. Bluehost has done everything for years and became a brand name when it comes to WordPress hosting. You never have to think about your website if you are linked with Bluehost, it will attract traffic and an audience for you, will do everything you want. For both professionals as well as for beginners, Bluehost is an amazing hosting provider to use. 


After Bluehost, it’s of course that people choose will be for site ground hosting provider. It is like a genius when it comes to hosting related services. Site ground is again a most popular and highest ranked hosting provider. They offer a great speed and security solution when it comes to hosting. In a comparison of both Bluehost and siteground somewhere, Bluehost is ranking forward but with a very less margin. 

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